About Hearing Loss

We can help you learn about your particular hearing loss including:

  1. The type of hearing loss you have?
  2. The degree of loss you have and if it is equal in your left and right ears?
  3. The possible causes of your hearing loss.
  4. How hearing loss affects your ability to understand speech and why waiting too long could cause more harm.
  5. How hearing aids help with your hearing loss.
  6. What you can do to improve and protect your hearing.

One of our hearing aid practitioners can help answer all these questions for you.

Types of Hearing Loss

There are 3 main types of hearing loss:

Sensorineural Hearing Loss (Nerve Damage)

sensorineural hearing loss

The inner ear is unable to properly transmit sound to the brain. The hair cells inside the inner ear (especially those for high frequency hearing) have withered due to age, noise exposure or ototoxic reactions to medications, and no longer pick up sounds properly.

Conductive Hearing Loss

conductive hearing loss

Sound is partially obstructed in the outer or middle ear, before being transferred to the inner ear. Sometimes this can happen from something as simple as a little wax in the ear canal and sometimes it can be caused by medical pathology.

Mixed Hearing Loss

mixed hearing loss

This is a combination of conductive loss and a sensorineural loss.

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