Are you suffering in silence? It’s been estimated that only 20% of the people who have hearing loss choose to seek treatment. There’s no need to miss out on conversations, entertainment or the safety cues that our hearing gives us when we’re in traffic or crowds. Come in for a hearing test in Edmonton or St. Albert at Hudson’s Bay Hearing Centre. We can determine the extent of your hearing loss and recommend hearing aids and assisted listening devices specially designed to improve your hearing or the hearing of a loved one. Call us today to schedule your hearing test.

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What Are You Missing?

Hearing loss happens slowly and you may not be aware of it until a friend or family member points it out.

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What Causes Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss isn’t always age-related; there can be many causes, some temporary and some progressive.

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Three Convenient Locations

Visit Hudson’s Bay Hearing Aid Centre in Kingsway Mall, Southgate Centre or St. Albert Centre.

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They Have Always Given Us Comfort

“Our family has the privilege of being served by the Hudson's Bay Hearing Aid Centre for at least thirty five years. At times, when we have needed assistance they have immediately been available to address the situation. Being a family owned hearing aid clinic, they understand the importance of verbal communication. It has always given us comfort knowing compassionate, technical assistance is always at hand.”
– Gordon

Customer Service Sets Them Apart

“Over the past two decades you have helped my daughter and now myself with repairs and replacements for our hearing aids. The friendly and joyful reception we have always received from you and your staff keeps bringing us back! There are plenty of hearing practitioners to choose from in our area, but your customer service sets you apart. Thank-you! As always.”

– Kathy

I Would Recommend Hudson’s Bay Hearing Aid Centre to Anyone

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for Rosana Scott and staff, for all the prompt, friendly and professional service, and help over the years to my hearing problem. For the past year I have been wearing a Phonak Cros which I have been totally pleased with regarding sound and clarity of speech. I would recommend Hudson's Bay Hearing Aid Centre to anyone who would like to receive the help and service which I have from Rosana and Staff, no question."
– Carl

They Are Awesome

"I have been going to Hudson's Bay Hearing Aid Centre for approximately 14 years and have been very pleased with the personal services, testing and advice I receive during my visits. Rosana and staff are always friendly, professional, and most importantly, provide a product that met my needs and requirements exactly. I would not hesitate to recommend Hudson's Bay Hearing Aid Centre to anyone in need of a hearing consultation, product or service. They are awesome!"
– Bruce

Phonak Audéo Rechargeable Hearing Aids’ Comfort Level Is Superior

"I have worn these daily since pickup on May 20th this year. Comfort level is superior to my previous set. These seem to be lighter and more compact. Audio quality is excellent and superior to any I have had to date. Ease of use is beyond my expectations. Without the battery changing these make life much more simple. Take them out at night; place them in the charger. Take them out of the charger in the morning and they are ready to go. Doesn't get much easier than that. I would recommend these aids and Hudson's Bay Hearing to anyone that needs hearing assistance. Many thanks for all your help.”

Warm regards,
– Ted

BOOK YOUR hearing test today

The first step in dealing with hearing loss is to schedule a hearing test. We offer hearing tests at three convenient locations. Once we’ve determined your level of hearing loss, we’ll counsel you on which hearing aid may be best for you.

Once you’ve purchased your new hearing aids, or ear mold, we’ll show you on how to use them, so you can begin to experience your new-and-improved hearing today.

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