• How much is a hearing test?

    Hearing tests are free; there is no charge. If you need a copy of your audiogram results, there is a $45 charge for the report.

  • How much are your hearing aids?

    We have hearing aids for every budget. The cost of hearing aids depends upon the level of technology. We offer hearing aids to fit many budgets and hearing needs, from entry level up to premium level technology. In conjunction with third party programs, the cost to the consumer could essentially be $0. Having your hearing tested is the first step, and with the results the practitioner will discuss what hearing device and pricing option would be best suited for you. We work with all insurance companies and government programs.

  • Do you offer financing options?

    Yes, we offer a no-charge Special Payment Plan, exclusive to Hudson's Bay. This is a 0% interest, up to 24 month, equal payment plan. We also accept all major credit cards.

  • Where are you located?

    We are located inside Hudson's Bay at Southgate Centre, Kingsway Mall and St. Albert Centre. Please see directional maps for each location below.

  • Do you have rechargeable hearing aids?

    Yes! Rechargeable hearing aids are now available! Ask our practitioner for more information about these.

    What style of hearing aids do you have? (ie. behind the ear or in the ear, not brands like Phonak).

    We offer all styles of hearing aids including rechargeable, invisible, completely-in-the-canal, In-the-Ear, Open-Fit, and discrete Behind-the-ear devices.

  • What brands of hearing aids do you repair?

    We offer repairs to most brands of hearing aids, call today to book your appointment.

  • How long does it take to get hearing aids?

    All hearing aids are custom ordered. After your hearing evaluation, it takes less than a week for you to get your hearing aids.

  • Do I need to get 2 hearing aids or can I just get 1?

    Based on your audiogram results, if you have a hearing loss in both ears, it is to your benefit to have a device in each ear. The brain interprets many sounds by using signals from both ears. Wearing hearing aids in both ears can enhance:

    • Hearing in noisy situations
    • Word recognition
    • Ability to localize sounds 
    • Sound quality
  • I have ringing in my ears, can you help me?

    The general term for this is Tinnitus, and yes, we may be able to help. Book a consultation with the practitioner today.

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