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Can I Wear One Hearing Aid Instead of Two?

Some people who experience hearing loss and need hearing aids wonder if it's necessary to wear two hearing aids. This is the most frequently asked question, when an individual is getting a hearing test. At Hudson's Bay Hearing Aid Centre, a hearing centre in Edmonton, as we always let our clients know the pros and cons of choosing to wear one or two hearing aids.

While there are rare instances where one hearing aid may be recommended, wearing two hearing aids is the norm. One of the main reasons for this is because people typically experience hearing loss due to aging or exposure to excessive noise, which affects both ears. In these cases, a hearing aid will be needed in both ears in order to allow the ears to hear properly.

Having a hearing aid in both ears, whether hearing loss has progressed the same in both or not, is beneficial because of the way that sound travels to and is interpreted by the brain. If the ears are picking up sound at different volumes, then the brain may become confused and not know which sounds require its attention. Having a hearing aid in both ears will correct for volume differences, allowing the brain to better determine where to focus its attention.

Helping your ears work with your brain by wearing hearing aids in both of them will give you an easier time hearing clearly in background noise because the brain will be better able to filter out unnecessary sounds. You'll also have a much easier time with sound localization, as localization relies on your brain being able to figure out which ear is hearing the sound first and more loudly.

Another important reason why you should probably wear two hearing aids is because the ear without one can sustain further hearing loss over time. If the auditory nerve in one ear is not receiving adequate stimulation, then it will begin to deteriorate. Hearing aids, while they cannot repair any damage that has already been done, can help keep your hearing from deteriorating further.

As you can see, two hearing aids are usually the right way to go. However, people may prefer to wear only one hearing aid if their hearing is deficient in only one ear, and especially if they find it uncomfortable to wear hearing aids in both ears. In such cases, letting their good ear work on its own can help more with the clarity and localization of sound.

Based on your unique hearing needs and preferences, the professionals at Hudson's Bay Hearing Aid Centre in Edmonton can help you find out whether wearing one or two hearing aids is ideal for you. Once we've come up with the best solution, we can offer you a wide range of hearing aid styles to choose from.

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