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Five Reasons to Make Your Aural Health a Priority

When it comes to keeping your hearing healthy, the team at Hudson’s Bay Hearing Aid Centre understands how easy it is to put it off until later. Unless you’ve experienced a sudden physical trauma, most hearing problems develop gradually. They develop so gradually, in fact, that many people don’t even notice they’re happening until the damage is extensive. That’s why we’re offering all of our patients a free hearing test in Edmonton.

Just like your oral health, aural health is a key indicator of your overall health. Here are just five reasons you should make protecting your aural health a priority:

1. Hearing is an important part of healthy brain functioning

Although hearing is often associated with our ears, they’re only one part of the whole process we call “hearing.” In fact, our brain is at least equally important in processing sound. If you’re losing your hearing, your brain will have to reorganize how it functions to account for the loss of one of our most important methods of engaging with the outside world. Anytime the brain reorganizes itself so dramatically, it may affect how you process other types of information as well.

2. People with untreated hearing loss are more susceptible to falling

Accidental falls are a major cause of injury for seniors. A big part of our balance, of course, comes from our hearing apparatus. The next time you’re getting a free hearing test in Edmonton, let your hearing aid practitioner know if you’ve been feeling unsteady.

3. Hearing loss can be socially isolating

Many people with untreated hearing loss report increased feelings of isolation and depression. Whether they don’t want to receive special treatment or feel embarrassed about losing their hearing, many people tend to deny or hide hearing loss rather than develop effective coping strategies. These feelings are common and entirely understandable. At Hudson’s Bay Hearing Aid Centre in Edmonton, we’re here to help. Let us know if social situations are difficult for you because of your hearing loss and we’ll help you find the best remedy for your situation.

4. There are financial tolls for those with limited hearing

Of course, having more difficulty with regular conversations or feeling depressed might very well affect how well we work. Poorer performance at work can come with real financial consequences. The earlier you catch hearing loss, the better placed you’ll be to treat it and make adjustments, if necessary.

5. Listener fatigue makes your life harder

When you start losing your hearing, your body will literally have to work harder to get the results it expects. This is exhausting for your system in a very real way. Listener fatigue affects your energy on a daily basis but can be avoided with proper care.

If you need a free hearing test in Edmonton or advice about protecting your aural health, contact us at Hudson’s Bay Hearing Aid Centre. We are here to help you take control of your aural health.

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