How a Hearing Aid Practitioner Can Test Your Hearing Ability

Hearing aid practitioners in Edmonton are one of the primary hearing care specialists that patients see when they have questions or concerns about their hearing health. A hearing aid practitioner typically holds a two-year diploma, and is responsible for helping clients select hearing aids, adjusting hearing aids, repairing hearing aids, and providing numerous other forms of assistance to clients with hearing loss.

One of the first tasks performed by a hearing aid practitioner upon meeting with a client is the administration of a hearing test. A hearing test from the Edmonton hearing aid practitioners at Hudson’s Bay Hearing Aid Centre can tell you if you have hearing loss and how severe it is.

Common Hearing Tests
1. Pure Tone Audiometry
This test is designed to determine the quietest of tones you can hear. It is administered through foam ear buds and requires you to react by pressing a response button each time you hear a tone. Ears are tested one at a time. The tones steadily decrease in volume and you respond until you cannot hear them any longer. These responses are recorded on an audiogram.

2. Bone Conduction Audiometry
The procedure is similar to the pure tone testing audiometry tests, but the tones are presented through a vibrating plate placed on the skull behind your ear.

3. Speech Recognition
This test requires you to listen and repeat words under various conditions, helping the practitioner to understand your hearing abilities better. These results are also recorded on the audiogram.

Benefits of Having Your Hearing Tested

Hearing is crucial for navigating your way around the world and for maintaining personal relationships. It is a critical component of how we communicate and pass on information to one another. Having your hearing tested is the first step towards treating your hearing problems with the right hearing aid for your needs.

While hearing loss cannot be reversed, receiving professional attention can help keep your hearing loss from getting significantly worse. Your hearing aid practitioner can point out behaviors which may be contributing to your hearing loss, and inform you of strategies for protecting your ears in noisy environments.

Professional Hearing Care in Edmonton
If you think you could benefit from consulting with a hearing aid practitioner in Edmonton, then Hudson’s Bay Hearing Aid Centre is the place to go. We know that hearing loss can be a sensitive topic, and are committed to providing our clients with all of the tools they need in order to hear clearly again.

To set up an appointment with Hudson’s Bay Hearing Aid Centre, simply contact the location nearest you.

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