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Listen Up! Improve Your Hearing, Revitalize Your Life 

Do you want to stay active? Vibrant? Socially engaged? Professionally successful? Most of us do. So maybe it’s time to do something about your hearing. 

Chances are if you’re like many baby boomers, you’ve rocked your way through your fair share of concerts, nightclubs, and ear-blasting parties. You’ve enjoyed years of other noisy recreational activities and you’ve been enjoying life, you’ve spent decades doing it, and it’s been loud.

So now, it’s not always easy to hear the conversation around the table at the restaurant or dinner party – maybe not even in the conference room at work or those teleconference calls.

Face it. All that enthusiastic living has been hard on your ears and now they’re screaming for your attention. You should give it to them! 

In fact, addressing hearing loss is one of the best things you can do to improve your quality of life and keep up a youthful pace. Fortunately, for most people with hearing loss, today’s state of the art hearing aids can help. In fact, eight out of ten hearing aid users say they’re satisfied with the changes that have occurred in their lives due to their hearing aids.

Many boomers are surprised to learn that dramatic new technological advances have revolutionized hearing aids in recent years. Today’s hearing aids are very discrete and they adjust to all kinds of noise environments, picking up sounds from all directions.

Perhaps best of all, seamless connectivity is now the norm. Hearing aids can even be wireless and stream sound from your smartphone, home entertainment system, and other electronics directly into your hearing aid(s) at volumes just right for you.

Getting a hearing test and using professionally fitted hearing aids can lead to a more revitalized life! Get your hearing tested today at one of our 3 Hudson’s Bay Hearing Aid Centre locations in Edmonton and St. Albert.

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