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Caring for Your Hearing Aids During and After Exercise

Many people who use hearing aids aren't sure whether they can exercise or play sports while wearing them. At Hudson's Bay Hearing Aid Centre, a hearing centre in Edmonton, we're happy to let you know that you don't have to sacrifice your hearing for physical activity. We not only provide hearing tests in Edmonton & St. Albert, but we also provide hearing aids that you can wear while exercising.

To care for your hearing aids before and after your workout, just follow these simple tips:

Wear a sweatband

While most hearing aids available today are moisture resistant, it's still best to protect them from sweat while working out. Prolonged, regular exposure to moisture may still cause some damage over the long term. Thankfully, simply putting on a headband before you start exercising will often do the trick and keep your hearing aids dry.

Use hearing aid sweatbands or nylon sleeves

If a headband doesn't quite cut it, or if you just don't like wearing one, then you do have other options. Hearing aid sweatbands are a great choice for covering up and preventing sweat from accumulating on behind-the-ear hearing aids. Nylon sleeves, on the other hand, can be used for cochlear implants or in-the-ear hearing aids.

Use a hearing aid dehumidifier after exercise

Even if you use sweatbands or sleeves, it's a good idea to use a hearing aid dehumidifier after a workout. This handy little accessory will ensure that any excess moisture which may have settled in the nooks and crannies of your hearing aids is completely cleared away. Hearing aid dehumidifiers are also great to have around on hot and humid days.

Clean your hearing aids after exercising

You can also help your hearing aids stay in tip-top shape by giving them a quick, simple cleaning once you're done working out. Use a compressed air canister to clear away any excess moisture and a hearing aid brush to remove any debris. Hearing aids that are astutely kept clean and dry will last for much longer than ones that are not.

Make sure your hearing aids fit snugly

If you want to ensure that your hearing aids don't slip or fall out while you exercise, then consider using either hearing aid clips or toupee tape. Additionally, even though these sorts of fasteners can give you peace of mind when you work out, your hearing aids should also fit snug to your ear without them. If your hearing aids aren't comfortable or well-suited to your lifestyle, then it's time to consider getting new ones.

After you come in for a hearing test in Edmonton & St. Albert, the experts at Hudson's Bay Hearing Aid Centre can help you decide on the perfect hearing aids for your needs. We'll also make sure that they are fitted snugly and comfortably to your ears so that you don't have to worry about them while exercising.

If you have any more questions about the products and services offered at our Edmonton or St. Albert hearing centre locations, just contact Hudson's Bay Hearing Aid Centre today.

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