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Located just 10 minutes from downtown Edmonton and within easy reach of the Yellowhead Trail, Hudson’s Bay Hearing Aid Centre’s Kingsway Mall office is easy to find – and our aim is to make a hearing loss solution easy to find as well. 

Visit us for hearing assessments and hearing aid fittings by experienced hearing aid practitioners. If you think hearing aids are those chunky beige things you remember seeing attached to your grandparents’ glasses, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the nearly invisible options available today. If your past experience with hearing aids has been unsatisfactory, let us show you how much sound quality has improved in recent years. 

If you need hearing aid repairs or hearing aid batteries, or if you need molds for custom earbuds, the Kingsway Mall staff at Hudson’s Bay Hearing Aid Centre offers these products and services at very reasonable prices. 

Your Kingsway Mall hearing aid practitioners can help you assess hearing loss and offer you many budget-friendly ways to improve your hearing. Call or email us via our handy eform to schedule a consultation!

Kingsway Mall Location

650 Kingsway Garden Mall NW

Edmonton, AB T4G 3E6


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