After your hearing professional completes your hearing assessment, your results will be explained. Sometimes referral through the medical field is necessary and sometimes hearing aids are an option.

If you have a hearing loss, you will be shown the different styles of hearing instruments that would be appropriate for you, with explanation of why one type might work better for you than another.

The cost of the devices will be explained and a trial period can be arranged. Many people are eligible for additional funding through Alberta Aids to Daily Living, Veterans Affairs Canada, Workers Compensation, or private insurance coverage. We can answer any questions about these programs and help you apply.

Once the hearing aids are decided upon, they are ordered, and within a week or so you can come in to have the devices set up and will be shown how to use them.

Follow up visits will be scheduled to make sure everything is set correctly and that you are getting the most benefit you can from the devices.

Hearing aids are adjustable and can be reprogrammed if your hearing levels or needs change.

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