bluetooth HEARING AIDS

bluetooth HEARING AIDS

If you’re looking for an innovative solution for hearing loss, Bluetooth hearing aids are a great option. You may think that needing hearing aids will limit or prevent your use of certain technologies, but this is no longer the case. With Bluetooth hearing aids, you’ll be able to listen to music, TV programs and phone calls more easily than ever before.

Hudson’s Bay Hearing Aid Centre is a supplier of Bluetooth hearing aids in Edmonton. If you live an active lifestyle and need to have access to different devices throughout the day, Bluetooth hearing aids will promote your lifestyle rather than inhibit it.

What Is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a technology that allows you to wirelessly connect various devices in order to stream audio, transfer data or broadcast information. The technology uses high frequency radio waves to transmit data without interference or security risks. Many devices that you encounter every day have Bluetooth capabilities, such as cellphones, music players, speakers, computers, tablets and smart TVs. One common example of using Bluetooth is connecting a cellphone to a Bluetooth speaker in order to play music in a large room.

How Does Bluetooth Work in Hearing Aids?

Much like other devices, Bluetooth hearing aids allow you to wirelessly connect to compatible devices such as phones, TVs and music players. Depending on the type of hearing aids you have and the types of devices you use, your Bluetooth hearing aids will be able to connect via one of two ways:

  • Direct connection: For phone calls, any phone supporting Bluetooth 2.1 and newer should work without problems
  • Phones with Bluetooth versions prior to 2.1 may still work 
  • For using the Phonak Remote App, your phone must fulfill the following minimal requirements: Bluetooth 4.0; iOS version 10.2.1; Android 6.0 or newer
  • Streamer: A streamer is a small device that picks up signals from Bluetooth devices and sends the signal to your hearing aids wirelessly. The streamer needs to be on your person for the connection to work.

Benefits of Bluetooth Hearing Aids in Edmonton

Bluetooth hearing aids provide better speech comprehension and sound clarity from devices because the sound is delivered wirelessly to the hearing aids without any sound decay or reverberation. This is beneficial for devices you encounter every day, including: 

  • Phones: Rather than holding your cellphone up to your ears to hear a phone call, the sounds are transmitted directly to your hearing aids. This not only allows for clearer sounds, it also makes the call hands-free.
  • Televisions: The volume of your TV will no longer be a problem with Bluetooth hearing aids in Edmonton. Bluetooth enabled TVs will provide a wireless stereo transmission of the sound to your ears.
  • Music players: Almost all contemporary music playing devices, such as iPods and mp3 players, are Bluetooth enabled. Rather than needing to take out your hearing aids to insert earbuds and listen to music, you can wirelessly connect your music player and your Bluetooth hearing aids.

Generally, multiple devices can be paired to one streamer, so you’ll be able to easily switch from listening to your favourite song to answering a phone call. The audio signal can be set to stream to one or both of your hearing aids, and you can amplify it to your personal settings. Most streamers provide the option of adjusting the volume remotely through the Bluetooth hearing aid.

If you want to learn more about the many ways Bluetooth hearing aids in Edmonton can improve your everyday life, please contact or visit us.

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