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Hearing can be difficult for anyone in noisy situations, but it is especially difficult for those who experience hearing impairments. Even if you use hearing aids, you know how difficult hearing someone at a distance or in a crowded room can be. A frequency modulated (FM) system is a device that can make these difficult listening situations easier. FM systems can reduce background noise at school, home or the workplace. 

Whether you’re dealing with traffic noise on your daily commute or your child goes through gym class with loud noises and echoes from classmates, an FM system can help. Hudson’s Bay Hearing Aid Centre in Edmonton offers Phonak Roger FM systems to help you hear with ease in noisy environments.

How FM Systems Work

Phonak has been a leading company in FM assistive technology for many years now, but they have raised their technology to a new level with the Phonak Roger FM system. In general, FM systems are composed of two parts: the transmitter/microphone and the receiver. 

  • The transmitter/microphone is worn by the teacher, parent, manager or whoever you need to listen to. It picks up the voice from the microphone and transmits it to the listener’s ears. 
  • The receiver is attached to your hearing aids and receives sound transmitted to the hearing aids. Receivers are small, lightweight and easy to use.

The Roger FM system is digital so it requires no frequencies to program and manage. Connecting microphones and receivers is very easy with this system, as all you have to do is position the Roger transmitter close to the receiver and push the connect button. No interference will be audible and privacy is guaranteed. Due to the digital communication protocol in the Roger FM system, channel management is easy and a virtually unlimited number of Roger networks can be used in the same building.

Benefits of a Phonak Roger FM System

In noisy classrooms, staff meetings or car rides, FM systems offer many benefits. With the transmitter and receiver properly set up, it will be as though you are listening to someone talk from 3-6 inches away instead of across a classroom or conference room. Traditional FM systems require the receiver and transmitter to be within 50 feet of each other, and they only come with two options for your microphone. 

The Phonak Roger FM system has many more options. The Phonak microchip inside the Roger system powers a unique speech-in-noise algorithm that can vastly outperform other FM and digital systems. The Phonak Roger FM system is also compatible with a wide range of transmitter technology, including pass-around microphones and multimedia devices. 

If you work in a loud environment that makes it difficult to hear your boss or your child learns in a noisy classroom, an FM system is a great solution to your hearing needs. Hudson’s Bay Hearing Aid Centre offers Phonak Roger FM systems in Edmonton and St. Albert so that you can hear with ease in any situation. Contact or visit us today to learn more.

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