Custom Ear Molds

Earpieces & Earplugs in Edmonton Molded for a Custom Fit

Custom earplugs and earpieces are made by first taking an impression of your ears at our office; we then send the molds to the laboratory where your custom earplugs or earpieces will be crafted from a comfortable soft silicon material that will last for years with proper care. Because they’re made just for you, you will find them more comfortable to wear than their disposable counterparts and more effective for protecting your ears or communicating with others. We can also create molds for custom earphones.

Get Fitted for Custom Earplugs at Our Edmonton Hearing Aid Centres

Everybody’s ears are different. If you wear disposable earplugs from your local drugstore for swimming or to block out noise when you sleep, you may have experienced discomfort in inserting them and in wearing them because these earplugs don’t fit your ear and ear canal well. You may also have found that they weren’t completely effective, letting water or noise penetrate into your ear. 

If you work in noisy surroundings, if you swim frequently or if you have trouble sleeping due to the sounds around you, visit your Hudson’s Bay Hearing Aid Centre and ask about custom earplugs. Our Edmonton and St. Albert offices offer custom earplugs, laboratory-made to fit the precise contours of your ear to give you greater comfort and seal out noise and water.

Rely on Our Custom Communication Earpieces

A custom communication earpiece allows the user to hear clear communications through the earpiece and at the same time comfortably interact with others face-to-face. For ultimate comfort, this custom fit mold is intended to be used with a two-way portable radio system utilized by all types of law enforcement and security guards. The mold always comes equipped with a curly cord that allows free movement of the head, without displacing the ear mold. Hudson’s Bay Hearing Aid Centre’s clients include the City of Edmonton, The RCMP and Edmonton Transit.

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