SAVE ON hearing aid batteries IN EDMONTON

Visit Hudson’s Bay Hearing Aid Centre’s three locations in Edmonton and St. Albert to find accessories that will make wearing hearing aids even easier and more comfortable. 

We also carry a wide variety of hearing aid batteries, packaged in multiples to save you time and money. Most hearing aid batteries, other than rechargeables, are air-activated button batteries. Hearing aid batteries come in colour-coded packaging based on size. We carry:

#312 Hearing Aid Batteries (brown packaging) – suitable for mini BTE, ITE and ITC hearing aids

#675 Hearing Aid Batteries (blue packaging) – suitable for BTE hearing aids

#13 Hearing Aid Batteries (orange packaging) – suitable for BTE and ITE hearing aids

#10 Hearing Aid Batteries (yellow packaging) – suitable for mini ITE and CIC hearing aids

To get the best battery life and power:

  • Don’t store your batteries in a bathroom where they will be exposed to heat and humidity. Store at room temperature.
  • Don’t remove the sticker on the back until you’re ready to use the battery. Most hearing aid batteries are air-activated and are sealed to keep them from powering on until you’re ready to place them in your hearing aid.
  • Wait a minute or so once you peel the sticker back to place them in the hearing aid so they get a chance to power up.
  • You can conserve battery power by turning the hearing aid off and opening the little battery doors on your hearing aid when it is not in use.

Please call or visit your nearest Hudson Bay Hearing Centre. Our friendly and experienced staff are happy to help you find the batteries you need and to advise you on other accessories that may be helpful to you.

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