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NEED A HEARING AID? hearing tests in edmonton & st. albert AVAILABLE AT OUR CENTRE

Hearing loss can be a gradual thing. For many, hearing loss may not be easily detectable and require a professional to help determine the level of hearing loss that a person is experiencing. That’s why Hudson’s Bay Hearing Aid Centre provides professional hearing tests in Edmonton and St. Albert. We handle many different hearing care services including supplying and repairing hearing aids as well as offering a full line of accessories for hearing loss products. Our experience in hearing loss allows us to provide hearing evaluations and quizzes to determine your hearing care needs.

Why Get a Hearing Test?

Hearing tests may be required for a number of reasons to determine your hearing care needs. You may need to be fitted with a hearing instrument or to diagnose certain medical conditions. Hearing tests may also be required for certain employment or job applications. Whatever the reason, hearing tests are important. A professional hearing test can properly evaluate your hearing capacity of both ears, determining what volumes and sounds you can hear without problems.

What to Expect During a Hearing Test

At our hearing centre, you can receive a thorough hearing test. The test usually begins with a discussion of any symptoms you may be experiencing like pain in your ears or a discharge of fluids. Other symptoms we look out for are ringing or tinnitus in your ears, vertigo, general hearing loss, and related medical problems. We will then use an instrument called an otoscope to examine your eardrum and the passageway that leads to it from the outer ear. We usually check to see if the eardrum is retracted, bulging, or perforated which may be indication of infection. Other tests may include using simply the voice to determine the extent of your hearing loss.

Professional Advice for Your Hearing Needs

Hudson’s Bay Hearing Aid Centre recommends that you have your hearing tested annually. Our centre can provide professional hearing care advice as well as one-on-one consultations. You can also use our hearing quiz to see if you have certain hearing problems. Get in touch with Hudson’s Bay Hearing Aid Centre in Edmonton and St. Albert to schedule an appointment.

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